2020 Chapter Officers

President: Carol Parkinson-Hall
First Vice President: Ruth Marcus Sturgis
Second Vice President: Ashley Session
Secretary: Shanté Brown
Assistant Secretary: Gwendolyn Brown
Corresponding Secretary: Leslie Anderson
Treasurer: Aaliyah Johnson
Assistant Treasurer: Karen Hayes
Financial Secretary: Brenda Johnson Best
Assistant Financial Secretary: Rosalie Brown
Hostess: Karla Brown
Sergeant-At-Arms: Bonnie Bowser
Ivy Leaf Reporter: Brenda Maiden
Ivy and You Editor: Candace Brown
Digest Editor: Jayne M. Downing
Parliamentarian: Sandra B. Burney-Boxley
Graduate Advisors:
       Gamma Epsilon – Inger Taylor
       Delta Iota – Stephyne Walker Hill
       Delta Mu – Patricia A. Massey

Cressa Morris (Chairman), Nina Gordon, Cassandra Murray Phillips, Robin Chapolini and Rhena Richardson

Nominating Committee:
Kathleen Lacey  (Chairman), Mary Davis, Michelle Gales, Dana King, Terri Luna, and Tamara Thomas Smith

North Atlantic Regional Delegates:
Danielle Brown and Charlene Collins

Boule Delegates:
Jayne M. Downing and Phaedra Brown

Committee Chairmen

Advisory: Lorina Marshall-Blake
Awards: Saundra Brown
Archives: Lorita Brockington
Arts and Crafts: Gina Comrie and Cydney Irving-Dasent
Audit Committee: Theresa Massey and Nina Gordon
Baylor Arrington Leadership Institute: Lewisene Jordan and Sherry Hopkins
Bowling: Jean Engs and Saundra Lewis
Bridges: Carla Kasner and Kyle Harris
Bylaws: Sandra Burney-Boxley
Connection: Carlene Neal and Nyne Sellers
Diamond and Golden Members: Annie Anderson Beck and Bertha Bellamy
EAF: Stephanie Walker
Editorial Team: Candace Brown
Ensemble: Gloria Todd
FASTOO: DeLisa Lewis and Sabrina Brooks
Fellowship and Courtesy: Karla Brown
Finance: Aaliyah S. Johnson
Honey-Do: Shanté Brown and Michelle Gales
Investments: Ruth Marcus Sturgis and Paula McKinney Rainey
Legal Team: Jacquie Jones
Meditation: Suzzette Abdul Hakim and Delrio Ligons
Message from Mom and Dad: Cressa Morris and Lorina Marshall-Blake
Protocol: Jamila Hall
Rituals: Sherry Hopkins
Scholarship: Gwen Hoye and Edith Williams
Silver Star: June Blue and Faye Matter
Sisterly Relations: Stephanie Wilson and Michele Wilson-Dawson
Standards:  Deborah Parris and Jayne M. Downing
Strategic Planning: Delores Williams
Technology: DeLisa Lewis and Kirby Brown
Travel: Mary Berkley and Carol Taylor