Target V: Global Impact

Chairman : Karla Brown and Rose Brown, Co-Chairmen

UNA-USA Global Classrooms Project

Sorority members will implement the UNA-USA Global Classrooms Project to prepare today’s youth for an increasingly global and complex society. Alpha Kappa Alpha members will work in partnership with the UNA-USA (United Nations Association) to expand understanding of the UN, its mission and focus. A biennial Intergenerational Model U.N. Conference will be convened.

Co-Chairmen: Ashley Session and Dana King

Through its renewed Africare partnership, Alpha Kappa Alpha Chapters will implement youth hunger initiatives on the continent of Africa.

Co-Chairmen: Rose Brown and Karla Brown


The Africare Committee implements youth hunger, women’s health, economic empowerment and water sanitation initiatives on the continent of Africa. The Africare Committee collects monthly donations from chapter members for youth hunger and women’s health. The committee partners with other Pan African groups with programs.  In 2015, the committee collected over $5000 from chapter members. These donations were sent to Africare for support of youth hunger and women’s health. In 2016, the committee sent sponsorship to the Beads for Education for two girl’s school /boarding fees in Kenya. Another sponsorship was sent to buy a bicycle through the African Bicycle Contribution Foundation. The bicycles are made in Ghana and provide transportation for those who resides in rural areas to have means to transport food and medicine.