Target III: Family Strengthening

Alpha Kappa Alpha’s Family Strengthening Programs will target critical issues facing many families, including lack of food, shelter and financial means.

Co-Chairmen: Tamika Neely-Farmbry and Melanie Marcus

Childhood Hunger

Community based Childhood Hunger Initiatives will be launched in partnership with local agencies, food banks and community pantries.

Co-chairmen: Davitra Smith and Melanie Marcus

The committee’s purpose is to bring awareness to childhood hunger issues such as food insecurity and the effects on our community, locally and internationally, and provide resources and our service to tackle this critical issue in the greater Philadelphia area.The Childhood Hunger Committee executes the target goals by organizing food drives throughout the year for children and their families, serving at local food banks and partnering with local organizations and agencies that provide a food programs to families in need.

Upcoming events:

New events coming soon!

Family Seasonal Wraps℠

The Family Seasonal Wraps℠ Program will be offered as the sorority sponsors a major initiative to collect and donate hats, gloves, socks, scarves, coats, sweaters and other seasonal wraps for families in need.

Co-Chairmen: Cressa Morris and Harriet Reynolds-Rigsby

Seasonal wraps are collected at chapter meetings and are distributed during the program year to men, women, and children shelters, nursing homes and churches with benevolent programs that benefit the Philadelphia community
Recent Events/Projects:

Monday October 17th @ 10:30 am
Distribute Seasonal Wraps
Mt. Zion United Methodist Church
1530-38 N. 11th Street
Philadelphia, PA  19122

Fiscal Responsibility Programs

Fiscal Responsibility Programs will be initiated as members work with partner organizations and families to help increase their understanding of budgeting, basic financial planning and benefits of home ownership.

Co-Chairmen: Regina R. Jordan and Ashley Fox

Our goal is to focus on providing families with the right tools to realize full fiscal responsibility in the areas of financial literacy, home ownership and entrepreneurship.

We have partnered with the ASCEND℠ program to provide workshops on the cost of college and available scholarships.  We have also partnered with Gamma Epsilon Chapter for a fiscal responsibility program, facilitated a Timely Topic on home ownership and executed our annual Scholarship Quest for area high school students hosted by St. Joseph University. We also facilitate monthly pretzels sales at each chapter meeting.

Upcoming Events/Projects:

AKA Omega Omega Scholarship Quest – November 2018