The 2018-2022 International Program focuses on Exemplifying Excellence through Sustainable Service. Though this program, members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. will continue to work with the community at large in the following five target areas.

Target I: HBCU 4 Life: A Call to Action

Sirena Ollison and Denise Swann, Co-Chairmen

Leslie Anderson and Sherilynn Johnson-Kimble, Resources


Amber Battle Winston, Kendall Johnson McArthur and Tamara Thomas Smith, Co-Chairmen

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Target II: Women’s Healthcare and Wellness

Janelle Scruggs and Rhonda Clinton, Co-Chairmen
Edith Mitchell and Brenda Shelton Dunston, Resources

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority will promote health awareness with 4 initiatives:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention Initiative: Rhonda Clinton and Rhyan Rudd, Co-Chairmen 
  • Heart Health Initiative : Sheri Kyle Jones and Kim Perry, Co-Chairmen
  • Nutrition and Wellness Initiative :  Gay Brown and Janelle Scruggs, Co-Chairmen
  • Care for the Caregivers Initiative  :  Miriam McNeill Gallmon and Whitney Payne, Co-Chairmen

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Target III: Building Your Economic Legacy

Leslie Morris and Phyllis Robinson, Co-Chairmen

Focusing on such issues as food, shelter and financial means, this initiative will concentrate on these five areas:

  • Personal Financial Planning and Asset Accumulation Initiative : Leslie Morris and Phyllis Robinson, Co-Chairmen
  • Credit Repair and Monitoring Initiative : Leslie Morris and Phyllis Robinson, Co-Chairmen
  • Entrepreneurship and the Black Dollar 365 Initiative : Tanesha Brady and Sakinah Sabree, Co-Chairmen
  • Operation AKA Assist Initiative : Bonnie Bowser and Robin Chapolini, Co-Chairmen

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Target IV: The Arts!

Barbara Braxton and Cassandra Phillips, Co-Chairmen

The initiatives here are the

  • Salute to the Harlem Renaissance Initiative
  • Salute to the Black Arts Movement Initiative

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Target V: Global Impact

Sannah Crawford and Pat Peterson, Co-Chairmen

National Global Impact Day  Pat Peterson and Chanel Randolph, Co-Chairmen

Global Assistance Activities

  • Soles 4 Souls Initiative : Kim Mattaway and Amber Rowell, Co-Chairmen
  • Lions Club International Initiative : Kim Mattaway and Amber Rowell, Co-Chairmen
  • Pillowcase Project Initiative : Cydney Irving Dasent and Mickel Rambus, Co-Chairmen

Refugees in America Assistance program (RAAP)  Sannah Crawford and Tammi Forbes, Co-Chairmen

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Community Impact Days

Alpha Kappa Alpha members will implement International Community Service Days annually to highlight the organization’s collective impact in program target areas:

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, Founders Day (January)
  • AKA Reactivation Day (January)
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service (January)  Kyra Harris and Donna Holland, Co-Chairmen
  • Pink Goes Red for Heart Health Day (February)
  • AKA Global Impact Day (April)
  • AKA International Day of Prayer (August)
  • National HBCU Week (September)
  • AKA HBCU Day (September)
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Day (October)
  • AKA Caregivers’ Day (November)

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In addition the Omega Omega Chapter will continue the following services to our community:

  • It’s All About the Children Muncy Prison Project  Alva Edwards, Lisa Poe-Dickens and Sonja Tucker, Co-Chairmen
  • Messages from Mom and Dad  Willie Black, Lorina Marshall-Blake, Cressa Morris and Brenda Syrkett, Co-Chairmen

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