Annual Day of Sharing

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® Omega Omega Chapter has a 90 year legacy of providing financial support to organizations and agencies committed to the empowerment and uplift of the Philadelphia community. Since 1995, the Omega Omega Chapter has sponsored the Annual Day of Sharing in celebration of exemplary community based organizations and the achievements of deserving area student scholars.  We are proud to partner with The 1926 Foundation Inc., the official philanthropic arm of the Omega Omega Chapter.

Oldies But Goodies Fall Brunch Fundraiser

Sannah Crawford, Ruth Marcus-Sturgis, and Carlene Neal, Co-Chairmen

This event happens in partnership with The 1926 Foundation, Incorporated, the philanthropic arm of Omega Omega. It is the Annual fundraiser for the Think HBCU℠ College Tour & ASCEND℠ Program. Both Think HBCU℠ and ASCEND℠  are International Program targets under International President Dorothy Buchanan Wilson’s Launching New Dimensions of Service initiatives.

Upcoming Events/Projects:


Bowling League

The Alpha Kappa Alpha Omega Omega Chapter Bowling League meets for 36 weeks on Tuesdays, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., September through May. We bowl at Wynnewood Lanes on Haverford Avenue and Karakung Drive, Ardmore, PA, 19006.

We have seven 4-woman teams, with 31 bowlers participating in the league. The league consists of 23 Omega Omega members and 9 non-members. The AKA Bowling League was formed in 1992, and has continued to be an evening of enjoyment for the past 24 years. The camaraderie is high and the bowlers look forward to the Tuesday night of bowling.

Members are involved in the following activities:

1. Our league and teams observe birthdays.

2. Sympathy and get well acknowledgements are shown by group signed cards and monetary donations.

3. A Christmas pot luck dinner and pollyanna end the fall season. The Spring season closing is celebrated with a buffet and prize sharing.

4. The league supports chapter service activities with contributions, purchasing tickets for events, ads, making financial donations and attendance at various affairs.

Jean Engs, Chairman
Saundra O. Lewis, Treasurer
Fern Love, Secretary


First Aid and Support Team of Omega Omega

DeLisa Lewis, Chairman and Sabrina Brooks, Co-Chairman

The purpose of FASTOO is to provide First Aid and Safety support to the members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Omega Omega chapter. Services will be provided at all chapter meetings and ticketed events by clinically licensed members who are active in the chapter.  The FASTOO committee is committed to maintaining the good health and well-being of the chapter by providing informational “Safety Pearls” monthly for members to follow. Educating and ensuring that members maintain up to date emergency contact information in the event that it may be needed, as well as being active participants in chapter meetings and chapter events in the event first aid or supportive services are warranted.

Upcoming Events/Projects:


It’s All About the Children/Muncy Project

Alva Edwards, Lisa Poe-Dickens, and Sonja Tucker, Co-Chairmen

The goal of the It’s All About the Children/Muncy Project is to strengthen the relationship between children and their incarcerated mothers. Consistent with the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority International Program Family Strengthening Initiative, this program is designed to provide “services for children with incarcerated parents.” The Project has two components: prison visits and literacy education. Visits to The State Correctional Facility at Muncy are scheduled twice during the year for children and guardians. Participants travel to SCI at Muncy and spend quality time with their mother. To provide a meaningful post visit follow up with the children and foster continuous communications between the inmates and their children, members work with the children after each visit through a literacy initiative. The children are taught to share their feelings by writing letters and sending cards to their incarcerated mothers.  This allows the children to stay connected and share their daily experiences, thereby strengthening the bonds with their mothers.

For more information, please contact Alva E. Edwards

Upcoming Events:

Family Orientation

Visit to State Correction Institute at Muncy

Dates : TBA

Luncheon Fashion Show

Brenda Johnson Best, Sherilynn Johnson Kimble, and Carol Rice, Co-Chairmen

The annual Luncheon Fashion Show raises funds to empower community based organizations that support our international program.

Messages From Mom and Dad

Lorina Marshall-Blake, Cressa Morris, Brenda Syrkett, Co-Chairmen

Willie Black, Resource

The Omega Omega Chapter partners with over 10 other organizations to facilitate the Messages From Mom and Dad Program. This program connects children with their incarcerated mothers and fathers. Volunteers videotape inmates at local prisons each week. The inmates read a book and send a message of love and encouragement to their children.  The completed DVDs and books shared are mailed with a letter to the children.

Mildred B. Dudley Scholarship Committee

Gwynne S. Hoye and Edith P. Williams, Co-Chairmen


1. To distribute scholarship applications to Philadelphia Public,
Charter and Catholic schools.

2. To review applications and award scholarships to qualified applicants.

3. To award scholarships to high school seniors who plan to attend a four
year college/university.

Scholarships are awarded in honor of members who made a difference in the lives of children and brought honor to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

⦁ Ruth A. Scott Scholarship
Ruth A. Scott was the fifth Basileus of Omega Omega. She served as the North Atlantic Regional Director in 1943-1946 and in 1949. She was an educator in the Philadelphia Public Schools.

⦁ Beatrice Claire Overton Scholarship
Beatrice Overton was the first African American art teacher to be appointed in the Philadelphia School District. The recipient must pursue a degree in art. Males may apply for this scholarship.

⦁ Susie Brodie Scholarship
The Omega Omega Ensemble established this scholarship in 1990. The $1,000.00 scholarship is set aside from the ensemble’s annual concert. The recipient must pursue a degree in music. Males may apply for this scholarship.

⦁ Emma B. Brinkley Scholarship
Emma B. Brinkley was the tenth President of Omega Omega. She served as the North Atlantic Regional Director, 1955-1959. She was elected International First Vice-President in 1959. The recipient must have demonstrated leadership ability with a grade point average of 2.5.

⦁ J.M./M.B. Thornton Scholarship
Marguerite B. Thornton established this scholarship in 1997. The recipient must attend a historically black college with a grade point average of 2.5.

⦁ Car-Sax Scholarship
Ollie Saxon Carden established this scholarship in memory of her husband, William Carden, in 1989. The recipient must be a Cheyney University commuting student.

⦁ Four Year Scholarship
The recipient must attend a historically black college with a 2.5 or better grade point average.

 Download Scholarship Application Letter

 Download Scholarship Application Form

 Online Scholarship Application Form


January – Applications are mailed to Public, Charter and Catholic schools in Philadelphia.

April 1 – Applications are due.

April – Scholarship Committee meets to review applications.

April – Scholarship Committee will conduct interview with semi-finalists.

May 1 – Scholarship winners will be notified.

June – Scholarship Reception/Annual Day of Sharing